This stunning 2015 VW T5 Transporter was bought recently by a fellow detailing enthusiast, but after the dealer washed it (very thoroughly!) and forgot to apply a basic ‘Lifeshine’ wax it ended up looking like this.  In our experience dealerships charge a lot of money £300-600 for their ‘lifetime’ coatings that we’ve seen last six months.  They simply don’t do the prep work needed to even give these coatings a chance to work, and on occasion they don’t even apply it.     The customer was in true shock when he went to collect his T5……

Here at Perfect Polish it even takes around 10 hours to prep a new car before applying our coatings. This T5 required over 20 hours of correctional work to remove the defects left by the dealership’s approved valeters.    The customer then chose to refuse the ‘Lifeshine’ application and get us to apply 2 coats of Eco shield ceramic coating.

I am sure you will all agree that this T5 is now looking better than new, the customer was just a little excited and overwhelmed with the results.

Please advise the dealerships NOT to wash your vehicles, and avoid this happening!