What is Detailing

The Basics of Detailing

Car detailing is the art of cleaning, polishing and protecting every surface of a vehicle. Detailing is all about the attention to detail, and it is the experience and knowledge of a detailer that really makes the difference to the finish of your vehicle. A wealth of knowledge and significant investment in the best products and equipment allows us to produce truly breath taking results, whether it be a VW Golf or a million pound Ferrari.


The Perfect Polish Process

Our process begins with a thorough wash and decontamination process to carefully cleanse the paintwork, exterior glass and wheels of traffic film, bug splatter and brake dust build up. Clay barring is also undertaken to remove bonded contaminants such as industrial fallout, to leave a smooth finish to the paintwork ready for the next process.

Once this has been completed, swirl marks, scratches and other paintwork blemishes are carefully removed by machine polishing. After a range of paint depth readings are taken, a rotary or dual action polisher are used, along with a carefully selected compound and pad combination to remove the paint defects.

Depending on severity, several stages of machine polishing may be undertaken to fully restore the paintwork, whilst ensuring paint gloss and clarity are restored by refining the paint finish back down.

The paintwork then receives a final protection, whether that be a high end carnauba wax or a highly durable, hydrophobic glass coating. This chemically bonds to the paintwork and increases scratch resistance, whilst maximising gloss levels, providing an unbeatable level of protection.

Dependant on the package selected, various parts will be removed to gain better access, such as wheels to allow access to clean suspension components and wheel arch liners. All interior surfaces are cleaned and protected with highly durable protectants.


The Little Touches

Detailing is all about the little touches that really make a difference to the appearance of your vehicle, and is simply another level of valeting. We can also build bespoke packages to meet your specific requirements, so please feel free to get in touch.