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CentriForce Polishing Pads Kit

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A full set of the three Centriforce Polishing Pads AG1, AG2 and AG3

The Liquid Elements Centriforce foam polishing pads are manufactured from the usual high-quality foam from the standard pad but has been revised with a whole new shape.

Suitable for all machines from DAS6, Rotary and RUPES.
With its conical shape polishes and compounds are perfectly distributed via centrifugal force and placed where required.
The recess helps prevent unwanted build up of polishes and heat so making better use of the polish/compound used and ensuring a higher quality finish.

The backing on the pad is not just glued like some manufacturers but laminated ensuring a longer working life and ease of cleaning.
This promises a long service life and allows easy use the washing machine.

Suitable for use with both Rotary and DA machines.

Colour: Blue. Orange, Yellow/Red
Diameter foam = 140mm
diameter loop fastener = 125mm

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