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Divergence Si02 Infused Wax

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Our all new Si02 infused wax

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First OCD Finish brought you Velocity, the Si02 detailer that has just gone crazy.

OCD Finish have been working for over a year on using the same Si02 profile found in Velocity but infuse it into a wax. After many samples and testers they have finally hit the nail on the head and bring you DIVERGENCE.

Perfect Polish was honored to be part of the testing process, we have it applied to Sportscarhires Mclaren 570s that we regularly maintain, all I can say is its a dream to apply, a dream to buff off and has fantastic gloss and durability. For those of us that love waxing our vehicles but would love a wax just as durable as a sealant then this is your go to wax.

Developed with a unique formula it incorporates Si02 ceramic properties that increase the durability of the finished shine and changes the way water behaves across the surface of your panels, protecting it from the elements, road grime, and other contaminants.


Size : 100ml pot



Using a foam wax applicator , sparingly apply the wax in a small circular motion on the panel. Leave around 5-10 minutes to cure to a haze (weather dependent), to test if its ready to remove simple run a clean finger through the haze, if it comes of clean its ready to remove, if it leaves a greasy/oily trail then leave it a little longer. Then simply use you favorite buffing towel (we use LE Blue Breeze) to remove and buff to a high gloss.

If you leave it to long or in direct sunlight and find it hard to buff of, simply reapply over the top and buff of straight away.


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