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Heavy Cut H9.02 (250ml & 1 Litre)

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For Severely Marked Paintwork

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For Severely Marked Paintwork

H8 Heavy Cut is a heavy cutting compound ideal for the removal of heavy oxidation, random deep scratches (RDS), paint bloom and up to P1500 sanding marks. The diminishing abrasives get to work on extreme blemishes before breaking down to refine the paintwork to a shine that requires minimal refining. The unique formulation means H8 Heavy Cut can be worked for prolonged periods of time without drying out.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy cutting compound quickly removes severe paintwork blemishes
  • Suitable for use with all types of paintwork including soft & scratch-proof
  • Combines a high level of cutting power with a high final gloss
  • For use with a Rotary machine polisher
  • Low dust generation

Directions for Use:

  • Select a wool pad or cutting pad
  • Apply compound using medium pressure and at medium speed
  • Buff residue with soft microfibre cloth
  • For best results finish with Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur
  • Download: Koch-Chemie Heavy Cut 8.02 User Guide

Technical Specification:

  • Cut: 8.5
  • Gloss: 5.0
  • Silicone-free
  • Oil-free
  • Size: 250ml or 1 litre (please select from the drop down menu above)

1 Litre, 250ml


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