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In Car Diffuser Air Freshener

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Perfect Polish Shrewsbury has recently come across these in-car air freshener/diffuser bottles.

So we ordered a few and the staff have been trying them out……… and WOW, they are fantastic. The work like an at home diffuser and have lasted 8-12 weeks on average, so much longer than the average hanging air freshener or spray type.

Even better is they are available in many scents including your favorite designer aftershaves and perfumes. Currently we will only be stocking a few scents to test the water, but will be adding more if they prove popular.

Currently we have a choice of the following scents:




Instructions for use:

  1. Unscrew the top
  2. Remove the plastic bung carefully
  3. Replace the top but dont over tighten
  4. I then hold a tissue or cloth around the top and then tip upside down and on its side to let the scented oil soak into the pine wood top. The tissue/cloth will stop the oil leaking out of the top.
  5. Hang or place your diffuser where you would like
  6. Tip if hanging from rear view mirror, tighten the rope so the bottle doesnt swing low to prevent it hitting the glass or being a distraction.

These are currently available for just £6.99 each. Want to buy 2 or more? Then use coupon code twofor12 at the checkout and get them at £6 each.


Alien Style, Creed Style, Flowerbomb Style


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