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Krystal Kleen Detail Seduction Wax 50ml

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Seduction is a mix of the highest quality Carnauba Wax and finest blending oils available to ensure the deepest gloss and excellent durability.

The rich deep gloss levels that are imparted onto the paintwork are nothing short of stunning whether it is a deep reflective gloss on a black car to a highly reflective finish that accentuates metalflake on silvers and whites. Whatever your vehicles colour Seduction is the perfect partner that really does have to be seen to be believed.

Simply apply via applicator to prepared paintwork and leave to haze and then buff clear with a clean dry quality microfibre such as the Liquid Elements Waxer. Easy on and easy off with excellent durability of 3-4 months plus.

Presented in a 200ml blue glass jar in a black presentation box.

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