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Moto Line Leather Cleaner and Protectant for Motorcycles 16oz

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Motorcycle leather clean & Protect

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Chemical Guys Moto Leather Cleaner & Protectant cleans, conditions, and protects all types of motorcycle leather. Whether it’s leather motorcycle parts, accessories, or apparel, Moto Leather cleans and protects all types of natural, sealed, and synthetic leather motorcycle pieces.

Clean, condition, and nourish leather motorcycle saddles, panniers, grips, gloves, boots, jackets, suits, pants, chaps, streamers, bags, helmets, or facemasks with Chemical Guys Moto Leather. Motorcycle leathers get covered in bugs, road grime, and pollution from normal use out on the open road. Moto Leather cleans off any contamination, body oils, grease, bird droppings, bug splatters, and anything else thrown at leather parts while riding.

The gentle formula is safe for all types of genuine and synthetic leather parts, and works on all colors and finishes. Additives like aloe, vitamin E, and specialty leather conditioners nourish the leather to restore a soft supple feel, and protect leather from UV damage. Moto Leather finishes with the natural matte sheen and dry-to-the-touch feel of freshly-tanned brand new leather. Clean, restore, and protect any natural or synthetic motorcycle leather parts and accessories with Chemical Guys Moto Leather Cleaner & Protectant.

Motorcycle riders are exposed to harsh elements on every ride out on the road. Riding leathers and leather cycle parts are not for looks: they protect riders like a tough second skin all over the body, and grip with ease and comfort on vital control surfaces. Clean, protect, and maintain vital safety gear with Chemical Guys Moto Leather Cleaner & Protectant. The gentle formula removes body oils, dirt, road grime, pollution, and bugs from motorcycle leathers, saddles, panniers, bags, handgrips, accessories, and apparel. Leather motorcycle parts and clothing get slippery when covered in dirt and body oils; Moto Leather lifts and separates contaminants from leather surfaces to restore the feel, look, and grip of fresh new leather. Dirt and grime can damage, stain, and degrade leather quickly; so regular cleaning with Moto Leather helps ensure that leathers can last as long as they possibly can. Start off every leather care detail with Chemical Guys Moto Leather Cleaner & Protectant.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Cleans and protects all motorcycle leathers and leather parts
  • Restores a new matte sheen and soft supple feel
  • Helps prevent cracking and fading from normal use
  • Dry-to-the-touch feel without any greasy residue
  • Works on all leather motorcycle parts, accessories, and apparel
  • Safe for natural leather, sealed leather, and fully synthetic leather and pleather
  • Easy to use spray on/wipe off formula



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