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OCD Finish Infusion – Ceramic Shampoo

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OCD Finish Infusion

Our ceramic infused shampoo, extensively developed to complement our SiO2 range; Velocity quick detailer and Divergence wax.

Infusion has been designed in two parts:

Firstly, it cleans the surface of your vehicle ready for detailing. This shampoo cuts through dirt and grime without removing existing wax and sealants (LSP safe) and instantly leaves a high gloss shine. During the wash stage it leaves a thin layer of ceramic coating that will independently build up and protect your vehicle.

Secondly, due to Infusion’s unique blend, when used on panels already coated with Velocity or Divergence, it will bond to existing products. This will help to further enhance, and add additional ceramic protection. Therefore, increasing the durability of existing coatings and helping to protect your vehicle against the environmental elements.


1. Add two caps of Infusion to hot water and foam up product using a jet wash or hose

2.Thoroughly clean your vehicle using a wash mitt

3. Rinse off ensuring all suds are removed.

Do not allow to dry do not use in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of Children.


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