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Waffle cloth

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Very high absorption rate used predominantly in the valeting/Detailing sector for the removal of excess water from vehicles after washing. Waffle cloths are a traditional cloth that has a proven track record for many years. They are made from a soft microfibre material with a 30% Polyamide content. The name comes from the type of weave. This cloth can be used to dry off any surface. Once it is wet then simply wring out any excess water and continue.

Also a fantastic cloth for the perfect finish on Glass.

These waffle knitted high polyamide content cloths ensure almost no surface damage as the splitting process produces a very soft material ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. The high polyamide content improves the cleaning effect over lower priced products.

We recommend that these cloths and towels are laundered at a low temperature around 40 Deg C to save energy. They can be laundered at higher temperatures up to 95 Deg C however, some shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, > 5%.

Can be laundered over 500 times.

Can be tumble dried, in fact it is beneficial as it ‘opens’ the fibres up.


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