Audi TT S-Line Black Edition

This gorgeous Audi TT S-Line Black Edition is owned by a detailing enthusiast, We carried out our Enhancement & Ceramic Coating detail on it 2 years ago. He brought it back to us to tackle the deeper defects and renew the previous coating for a much better product. As the car was washed correctly over the 2 years on a weekly basis it had very minium swirls/marring present, much less then we find on brand new cars in most cases. But this wasnt in for light defect removal.

So after a full decontamination a 3 stage machine polish was carried out to remove the deeper defects within the ‘safe zone’. Several paint depth readings are taken before, during and after to make sure we can safely remove the defects. The first stage was carried out using a rotary polisher, a hard cutting pad and Koch Chemie H8.02 heavy cut compound. This continued until the desired results were met. We then changed to our Flex VRG polisher, a medium polish pad and Menzerna 400 to remove the defects left from the cutting compound and to restore the paintworks clarity. At this point a full correction was achieved, but a third stage called jeweling was carried out with an extra soft pad and Koch Chemie M2.01 to further enhance the finish and remove any micro marring left from the previous stages.

Once the required controlled enviroment was achieved in the showroom and all panels wiped down with panel prep, we started to apply the Ceramic Coating. Once applied it was left to cure for over 12 hours.

We always love to start and fully finish all our details, but on this occasion we handed back the vehicle for the customer to finish all the other areas like Glass, Wheels and Interior. But he did ask us to polish and protect his exhaust tips, which we happily carried out.