This gorgeous 12 month old BMW M6 came in to us for our Prestige Valet package, the customer wanting a thorough clean inside and out of this 560bhp animal.

The vehicle was pre-sprayed to help remove the build-up of traffic film and dirt the vehicle had acquired as a daily driver in a typical wet British winter. The vehicle was then carefully washed using a pure wool wash mitt and the 2 bucket method to protect the paintwork. Once thoroughly rinsed, a tar remover was applied to remove any tar present, followed by the application of a fallout remover to help remove any bonded contaminants from the paint.

The vehicle was then carefully dried with premium microfibre drying towels, before being brought inside. The paintwork then received 2 coats of high quality wax to provide a good level of protection whilst adding a high gloss to the white paintwork and beautiful carbon roof.

The tyres and arches were dressed, and exterior and interior glass was polished, before moving onto the interior.

All the dashboard and trim were cleaned and treated with a UV protectant dressing. A thorough hoover followed to remove any trace of the young back seat passengers and their sweets, whilst the carpet mats were deep cleaned with a foaming carpet cleaner. The leather was looking dull and suffering from a couple of minor stains and marks. The seats and all surrounding leather trim were carefully cleaned with a specific leather cleaner, before receiving an application of leather feed.

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