Ferrari F430

This very rare manual Ferrari F430 came to us in need of some tender loving care to revive the 10 year old paintwork back to showroom condition. The customer opted for our Enhancement Detail with Glass Coating to enhance the paintwork whilst minimising paint depth reduction. Our popular Interior Detail was also selected, as was the Engine Bay Detail to really enhance and show off the vehicle’s centre piece – a glowing red Ferrari V8.

A thorough multi stage wash and decontamination process was undertaken, before the car was then clayed to remove any remaining paint contaminants bonded to the surface. The paintwork was then assessed and was suffering from light swirling and wash marring. Several paint depth readings were taken per panel to fully establish the quality of the paint. A suitable pad & polish combination were then selected to allow us to carry out a single stage enhancement machine polish to breathe some clarity and gloss back into the deep black paintwork.
Once all the machine polishing was completed, the paintwork was wiped down with a polish & oil remover to prepare the paint for the application of CarPro CQuartz. Once the glass coating application was complete, the paintwork had regained its black glossy wet look, with a wonderful metallic flake present.

The wheels were then sealed with a specific wheel sealant, and the exhaust tips were cleaned. Both exterior and interior glass were polished, before we turned our attention to the interior itself. After a thorough clean of all trim, leather and carpets, each surface was protected and sealed to ensure that the interior looks as good as the exterior. A gentle clean of the engine bay followed, to emphasise the two large red air intakes.

While the vehicle was in with us, we also arranged for a wheel refurbishment to be carried out to one wheel that had some slight kerbing, and had a hands free Bluetooth kit fitted so the customer could stream audio from his IPod.

Once all this was completed, the vehicle was moved outside for some final photos. A very pleased customer and a Perfectly Polished Italian stallion!

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