Porsche Boxster S

This beautiful new shape Porsche Boxster S PDK came in for our Enhancement Detail, Glass Coating and ever popular Interior Detail to get it ready for the coming spring and summer.

To start off with we carried out a thorough multi-stage wash and decontamination to remove the winter grime and salt, before the car was then clayed to remove any remaining paint contaminants bonded to the surface. The convertible fabric roof was also deep cleaned to remove any grime and dirt build up from the fabric.

The paintwork was assessed and it was evident this was a daily drive, as it was suffering from some light swirling and wash marring after 18 months and 23,000 miles. Several paint depth readings were taken per panel to fully establish the condition of the paint. A suitable pad & polish combination were then selected to allow us to carry out a single stage enhancement machine polish to add some depth and shine to the Agate Grey metallic paintwork.

Once all the machine polishing was completed, the paintwork was wiped down with a polish & oil remover to prepare the paint for the application of CarPro CQuartz. Once the glass coating application was complete, the paintwork shone and glistened, with a wonderful metallic flake present.

The wheels were then sealed with a specific wheel sealant, and the exhaust tips were polished. Both exterior and interior glass were polished, before we turned our attention to the interior itself. A thorough clean was undertaken of all the dash and trim, and the leather seats were deep cleaned and the leather fed. The carpets and mats were cleaned with a foam cleaner, before being coated with a fabric protector. Any spillages will now simply sit on the surface and can be easily mopped up without staining the carpet fibres.

Once all this was completed, the vehicle was moved outside for some final photos. A very pleased customer and a Perfectly Polished Porsche ready for the sun.