Volvo XC60

This stunning Volvo XC60 recently came into our showroom for our popular Enhancement Detail.

The owner had noticed the paintwork was looking dull and full of swirl marks and scratches caused by driving close to bushes down country lanes. After a full consultation with the customer prior to booking, it was decided the best package would be our Enhancement Detail to remove the light defects and restore the paintworks clarity. He then decided to add our Ceramic Coating service to fully protect the corrected paintwork and further enhance the finish.

So after a full 10 stage decontamination it was brought inside to prep for machine polishing. Once its on our scissor lift, the wheels are removed for deep cleaning and coating. We then started on the single stage machine polish, using the best combination of compound and pads to achieve the best results from a single stage. As you can see from the before and after photo, we achieved a high level of correction from the single stage of around 95%.

Once the Paintwork has undergone the single stage polish, we use a panel prep to make sure all the oils and compound is fully removed. This leaves the surface ready for the Ceramic Coating to bond to. Panel temperatures are taken to make sure they are correct for the coating process, once achieved the coating is applied and left to cure in a controlled enviroment for 12 hours. We then apply a temporary top coat to keep the coating water resistant whilst it cures, as this can take upto 10 days to fully cure.

We also fitted our Paint Protection Film to the rear boot loading area, to help prevent further damage caused by dragging items in and out of the boot. To finish the Detail the interior recieved a full detail and leather treatment, all glass was polished and sealed and a durable rain repellant coating applied to the windscreen.

The owner was overwhelmed with the results, he commented on how it looked better than when he collected it from brand new. He can also rest assure that the results will be maintained much easier, longer and with a higher resistance against inflicting the defects again.

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