Paintwork Correction Detail

A multi stage machine polish for that better than showroom finish

Price from £425

Our correctional detail package steps the level of correction up by introducing 2 or more stage’s of machine polishing to achieve a higher level of correction and clarity. This is designed to further enhance the finish of your vehicles paintwork over our Paintwork Enhancement package, and can transform a vehicle back to better than showroom condition or beyond.

After a multi stage wash and decontamination process, the vehicle is carefully dried with plush drying towels and compressed air. After several paint depth measurements and inspection of defects, a pad and cutting compound are selected to start tackling the deeper defects and scratches within the paint. The level of cut required will be discussed with you when we view the car prior to booking.

The next stage would then start to  refine the paintwork removing defects caused by the cutting stage to fully restore your paintwork to deep glossy finish.

The final stage is a process we call jeweling, this will add gloss and clarity to your paintwork to give it that glass finish. We use a specialist polish that also primes the surface ready for its protection.

We aim to remove 100% light defects and a min 70% of the deeper defects.

Once the polishing stages  are complete, the final protection is applied to ensure that the freshly polished paintwork is fully protected and preserved. This will be discussed with you on booking as we have a few options available, from polymer based sealants, top brand wax’s and market leading ceramic coatings.

The service includes our standard interior valet, but this can be upgraded to our interior detail at a reduced cost. All glass is polished and cleaned, trim and tyres dressed and exhaust tips polished.

This package provides a dramatic improvement in the vehicles appearance and will restore that showroom finish with amazing clarity.

We have 2 levels of correction details.

First is the 1 stage correction. This includes a heavy polishing stage, refining stage and jeweling. This aims to remove 100% light defects/swirls and a minimum of 50% heavy defects. We then have a 2 stage correction that includes a Heavy cut, polish, refine and jeweling stage. This aims to remove 100% light defects and a minimum of 80% heavy defects

Small car (3 door corsa/fiat500/Lotus Elise):

1 stage – £425      2 stage £525

Medium cars (5 door Mondeo/Audi A4/Ferrari 458):

1 stage – £525       2 stage – £625

Large cars (Estates/BMW X5):

1 stage – £625      2 stage £725

Upgrade to our full interior detail at a reduced price of £50, engine bay clean & detail £50.

Upgrade protection to one of our durable ceramic coatings:

Eco Shield (2 years) £100

Feynlab Ceramic (3 years) £150

Feynlab Heal lite (5 years self healing) – POA

**Please note when upgrading to our ceramic coatings a coating is applied to paintwork, alloy wheels, glass and exterior trim**

We always request to view a car prior to booking to give an accurate quotation based on the level of defects and finish required. The car will need to be clean for this viewing, we can carry out an exterior valet prior to inspection but we charge a £25 fee for this. If you then book the detailing work this is taken of the final costs. We do this to cover our costs and time for the valet and inspection. Please call us on 01743 460662 or email to arrange an appointment.

Why not take a look at our amazing self-healing protection film to protect your detailed vehicle from stone chips and paint damage which highly reduces the risk of future paint repairs and even adding further clarity to your vehicles finish.