Ultimate Detail

Ultimate Detail

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The Ultimate Detail process is the pinnacle of paintwork treatment. This safely removes all defects within safe paint depth readings using extensive machine polishing stages and wet sanding if required.

This detail makes sure every area of your vehicle inside and out are deep cleaned, restored and protected. It starts with our 10 stage decontamination process getting into every nook and cranny, including the engine bay, door shuts, grills, wheels, arch’s, badges, literally anywhere it’s possible to get to. It is then brought inside to be fully dried using microfiber towels and compressed air.

Once the paintwork is corrected by many stages of machine polishing and different materials, a final polishing stage is undertaken called jeweling to add a further level of gloss and extreme clarity, better than when it left the showroom. It’s a process used by jewellers on diamonds to enhance the clarity.

Once all machine polishing is completed, the perfectly polished paint will then receive a final stage protection. After a discussion to ensure that the most effective sealant or coating is selected, your car will be left with a flawless, protected finish.

The ultimate detail also includes a full interior detail so the interior finish matches the exterior finish, all glass is polished and sealed, tyres, arch’s and trims dressed and protected. It also includes our Swissvax Shield wax treatment (unless ceramics are chosen).

Why not take a look at our amazing self-healing protection film to protect your detailed vehicle from stone chips and paint damage which highly reduces the risk of future paint repairs and even adding further clarity to your vehicles finish.


We always request to view a car prior to booking to give an accurate quotation based on the level of defects and finish required. The car will need to be clean for this viewing, we can carry out an exterior valet prior to inspection but we charge a £25 fee for this. If you then book the detailing work this is taken of the final costs. We do this to cover our costs and time for the valet and inspection.