Seasonal Protection Detail

Protection for your vehicle during the summer and winter months

Price from £125 inc VAT

This detail is aimed at customers wanting to keep their vehicles protected through the winter or/and summer months. It will keep your vehicle protected against winters road salt and grime or summers UV rays. Using a durable paintwork sealant and wax will protect and maintain your paintwork for 6+ months, also making it easier to wash.

We first start by carrying out our decontamination process that includes, citrus pre-wash, snowfoam, 3 bucket method safe wash, tar and fallout treatment followed by a clay bar treatment to fully remove any contamination on the paintwork. The wheels are deep cleaned including the barrels and wheel arches, We then wash the vehicle again with a final rinse of filtered water before pulling inside to dry with a plush microfibre towel.

Once fully dried, we start to polish the paintwork using a all in one polish to cleanse and restore gloss to the paint. We then apply a layer of polymer sealant followed by a coat of durable wax that will give you 6+ months of protection. The alloy wheels are protected with a wheel wax and the arch linings protected to help prevent dirt sticking to them. All glass is polished and sealed, trim and tyres dressed.

This detail includes a standard interior valet, but for just £25 you can upgrade to our prestige interior valet.

Upgrade to our Swissvax Shield wax for only £25, this prestige wax offers unrivaled durability and water repellent using a PTFE to give a ‘non-stick’ surface to your paintwork.