New Car Detail

Purchasing a new car?  we offer a full Exterior & Interior protection detail. Leaving every surface fully protected with easy maintenance. 

Price from £595 inc VAT

The Ultimate New Car Protection package includes a single stage machine polish to remove the light defects inflicted prior to delivery. Paintwork on new cars is very often already slightly damaged from storage, transport, sanding marks and poor washing practices during dealerships PDI process.

Don’t be fooled by the clever dealerships offers for their ‘guaranteed lifetime protections’ they are often not applied correctly, if at all. They are simply professional sales men and depend on the commission gained from selling it to customers. From experience and having an employee that served 7 years in the dealer network as a valeter, they are given insufficient time to apply or do the correct preparation work needed for the coating to bond. A dealership valeter is given around 2 hours to turn around a new car, here at Perfect Polish a min of 30 hours is spent on your vehicle to make sure the correct preparation, application and curing times are achieved.

Once thoroughly washed and decontaminated throughout, paint/lacquer depth readings are taken all over to check for any inconsistencies in the paint finish and to ensure that any defects can be safely removed by light machine polishing. This will ensure that your paintwork is as perfect as possible, before being protected with your chosen coating from a ceramic to self healing to provide the most durable protection with a higher resistance against inflicting defects.

Alloy wheels and calipers receive a specific ceramic coating for even higher protection against brake dust. The engine bay is cleansed and all surfaces protected accordingly.

The interior is then thoroughly vacuumed and a UV protectant dressing applied to all dash/trim areas. All door seals and rubbers are treated and any wood trim (if fitted) is polished with a specific wood polish. Door shuts are also protected.

Exterior and interior glass is polished and sealed. Fabrics are treated with a long-life stain protectant and leather is cleaned and treated to resist dye transfer and discolouration. A high performing rain repellent is applied to the windscreen. Tyres and arches are dressed and protected, and exhaust tips polished and protected.

Every single area of your new car is now as perfect and well-protected as possible, meaning you can relax and enjoy driving it, with dirt and insects easily washed off in seconds for around 3 years / 36,000 miles of normal use*

This package is for cars less than 3 months old and having covered less than 2,000 miles, to avoid the further work needed with more mileage. If your vehicle is older or has more mileage we would need to view the vehicle to give an accurate quote.

We have an option of 3 coatings for your new vehicle:

Feynlab Ceramic from £595 offering a 3 year limited warranty

Feynlab Heal lite from £995 offering 60% self heal properties* and a 5 year limited warranty.

Feynlab Heal Plus from £POA offering the only full self healing coating on the market today, comes with a 7 year limited warranty.

*Percentage is based against the healing properties of Feynlab Heal Plus

To maintain the warranty your vehicle will require a 6 or 12 month reload inspection/service and these start from £65, but include an interior and exterior valet.

We recommend a 6 monthly reload application to maintain the coating and to help it perform to the best of its abilities and to achieve the durability. We can carry out this service from just £65 and it includes our prestige mini valet. We can also supply you with instructions on how’s best to maintain your new vehicle and the coating.