PPF & Self healing protection

The ultimate exterior self healing protection for your new vehicle. This is where we bring together the best Paint protection film and paintwork coatings to offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Price from £1995 inc vat

Are you looking for the ultimate in new car protection? Perfect polish has put together this package offering just that. It includes everything in our popular New car detail buts adds our self-healing paint protection film & coating services. If you are just looking for Paint protection film costs please scroll down.

This package offers the ultimate in protection, depending on which package you choose  it works out around 25% cheaper  overall. With a choice of 3, 5 & 10 year coatings and self healing paint protection films.

So once we have carried out the decontamination process and machine polishing required your car will have its final wash before moving into our controlled protection & PPF installation bay. This is where your paint protection film and coatings will be applied in a controlled environment.  Our protection bay has the correct lighting, heat and humidity to give the best results and curing for our coatings and film. James our PPF expert was trained and time served at the UK’s leading PPF specialists (Topaz). He doesnt just fit patterned kits, he will adapt the kits to get a better more invisible fitment. Always aiming to wrap any edge possible and leave a fault free finish. We only use the leading self healing PPF from Premiumshield, Suntek and Stek, so we have a wide range of patterns to choose from, making sure only the best is used on your vehicle.

All our PPF comes with a minimum manufacturer 10 year warranty for yellowing , bubbling and cracking.

This package makes sure every exterior and interior surface is fully protected. Below is an idea of costs based on the film coverage and our 3 year ceramic coating package.

*Frontal (Full front bumper, full bonnet, Wings & headlights)

  • Small car £1995 (Any 3 door)
  • Medium car £2150 (4/5door saloons/estates)
  • Large car £2350 (4×4/MPV/SUV)

Full Frontal + Extension (As above but adds side skirts, wing mirror caps,  A-pillars and rear bumper impact area) + FREE UPGRADE TO OUR 5 YEAR COATING

  • Small car £2495
  • Medium car £2695
  • Large car £2895


On the above packages you can add any of the following, all prices are supplied, fitted and inc VAT.

  • Splash kit (rear arch)……..£150
  • Side Skirts/Rocker covers………..£350
  • Partial roof………£100
  • Rear Bumper deck……£80
  • Doors….. From £300 per door
  • Rear Quarters….. From £450
  • Door cups….. From £55
  • Rear Bumper……. £400

Just looking for a PPF supply and fitting service? Well this is something we can do for you.

Frontal leading edge – Front bumper, partial bonnet, partial wings, headlights From £895

Full frontal – Front Bumper, bonnet, wings, headlights) from £1495

Full frontal extended (as above but adds a-pillars, mirror caps & side skirts/rockers) from £1895

Above prices include the exterior wash & decontamination and fitment of the film, it does not include any correctional work or protection on remaining paintwork. It will also include our mini interior valet.

We also offer full PPF car coverage from £3500

All our protection film comes with a 10 year limited warranty, we are approved suppliers of Premium Shield Elite, Suntek and Stek PPF. Our film fitter James is time served and did his training with the UK’s leading PPF specialist Topaz and has worked for some of the best detailing companies in the UK and Europe. He is a highly skilled installer who can also adapt patterns for a better fitment and fully wrapped edges. He always aims for that invisible fitment when possible. If no patterns are available for your vehicle James is skilled in bespoke fitment, just contact us and we can discuss your options.

Our 3 year ceramic coating is CarPro Cquartz.

The Wax is Dead Ceramic coatings comes with a 5 or 10  year warranty.


 Paint Protection film.

This will protect your vehicle from stone chips and impact damage whilst keeping the paintwork swirl & defect free for many years. We always try to fit the film so its as invisible as possible by wrapping edges where possible. The clarity on the newest films we use here at Perfect Polish means that its hard to tell which panels actually have the film on to the untrained eye. PPF is a fantastic protection upgrade whilst not having a big effect on your cars clarity and gloss levels. Over time you will see that the panels with film attached will stay more glossy than the un-protected panels. But partnered up with our Feynlab heal coatings your vehicle will keep its glossy appearance for 5+ years*

On average a Full frontal PPF kit fitted is from £1595+VAT and a 5 year coating from £895+VAT. So as you can see our package option can save you around £400.

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0% Finance available from Payment Assist. Spread the cost of your service over 4 months with zero interest, zero fee’s and zero hassle. Simply pay 25% of the bill on the day, then 3 monthly payments will follow. 99% acceptance rate even with bad credit history, only a soft credit check is done so leaves no search on your credit profile.

We can also supply a courtesy car for people aged 25+ for the duration of the service for a small charge of  from £30 to cover the insurance or treat yourself to one of the fantastic sportscars from our sister company Sportscarhire Shrewsbury at a discounted rate.


*We recommend a 6 monthly reload valet to keep the coatings and film surface free from contamination and to top up the self cleaning properties of the coatings. This also keeps the warranty valid.