For a limited time only we are offering a massive discount on our Self Healing Ultimate new car details. This includes application of a full front end self healing paint protection film from Suntek (Full front bumper, wings, bonnet, headlights, mirrors & side skirts) then the remaining paintwork coated in our Feynlab Heal lite self healing coating. This will protect your vehicle from stone chips and impact damage whilst keeping the paintwork swirl & defect free for 5+ years. On average a Full frontal PPF kit fitted is £1595 and a self heal coating £1195. For a limited time only we are offering this package from just £2195 for small – large cars and £2395 for 4×4/MPV.  Thats savings of £395+

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The Self Healing Paint Protection Coating – Making Nano Big

For years if you wanted self healing properties, then paint protection film was your only real choice. But now we have FEYNLAB Self heal coatings.

Perfect Polish Shrewsbury is proud to be 1 of 5 Approved Exclusive installers for Feynlab coatings here in the UK. 

FEYNLAB LLC have private labeled products to various companies over the years, the products made a very good name for themselves under the various brands. FEYNLAB™ is the attempt at entering the market directly with building a brand that will become well known for it’s quality and state of the art technology. A number of technologies have been reserved that have never been released through private labeling. These products are now available only through FEYNLAB™.


FEYNLAB’s pedigree product, developed with extensive field testing and refinement, it is the only true Self-Healing coating available on the market! Though proclaiming it as the greatest development in coating technology since the invention of paint, maybe an exaggeration, this system is certainly the clearest demonstration of how advanced our nanotechnology is compared to all other suppliers of car care products.

We offer a range of coatings from Feynlab from ceramic to 3 levels of self healing, all available with limited warranties.

The Self heal Range:

Ceramic Plus…….

FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology. It combines our ultra durable ceramic technology, with our self healing technology. Giving it roughly 40% of the self healing properties as Heal plus. The Ceramic portion of this product has been modified to maintain a high level of flexibility by using shorter chain ceramic co-polymers, this allows the self-healing portion to function, albeit to a lessen extent than that of the full SELF HEAL PLUS. It also incorporates smart nano-particles that increase the perceived hardness. The nano-particles operate as a dry lubricant, deflecting and reducing scratch or mar intensity. If micro marring does occur, the coating will recover by up to 40%, making these marks less significant and almost invisible on lighter colored paints.

New car protection price from £895

Heal lite….

FEYNLAB™ HEAL LITE is a lighter version of HEAL PLUS with shorter application times, while sacrificing some heal-ability. It is a single-component, single-step coating with roughly 60% healing ability compared to FEYNLAB™ HEAL PLUS. This product is no more difficult to apply than most Ceramic coatings. HEAL LITE is ultra durable, extremely hydrophobic and has excellent UV protection. This product was developed with darker colored vehicles in mind, where swirl marks and “spider web” scratches are more visible. Micro-swirls are inevitable on darker colored cars, no matter how careful you may be, how many buckets you use during washing or what our competition have promised you about their Ceramic Coatings, micro-swirls just happen. HEAL LITE is our answer to this, heat from the sun will cause the Ceramic Polymer Matrix to re-set, if you are in a rush you could use a hair dryer or some hot water (at your own risk!).

New car protection price from £1195

Heal Plus….

FEYNLAB’s pedigree product, developed with extensive field testing and refinement, it is the only true Self-Healing coating available on the market! Though proclaiming it as the greatest development in coating technology since the invention of paint, maybe an exaggeration, this system is certainly the clearest demonstration of how advanced our nanotechnology is compared to all other suppliers of car care products.Self Healing technology was developed in order to eliminate micro-swirls and fine scratches which are inevitable given enough time, even with the strongest or hardest coating on the market (which we coincidentally manufacture). The inevitability of these fine scratches, even when the utmost precaution is taken, is really why this product was developed. The coating will heal itself instantly if heated to above 60 degrees Celcius, removing all fine scratches and micro swirls. At room temperature scratches will heal over a number of days.

The FEYNLAB™ HEAL PLUS is  ultra glossy, and improves the “depth of shine” dramatically. It is by far the thickest coating (when cured) currently offered on the market, measuring up to 15 microns. The mechanism behind the healing effect involves using nano scale magnets on the end of the ceramic chains, that when heated vibrate at very high frequency causing the ultimate self leveling effect to occur. It does not turn into a liquid when it heals, but rather a type of superfluid (solid with fluidic properties).

HEAL PLUS is a product that we have been developing over the last 4 years, earlier versions were released under private label, however we decided to pull this product from the market in early 2015 and no longer offer it under private label (it had it’s short-falls). The current version has gone through at least 4 generations of significant developments since then. What we have ended up with is something really special.

New car Protection price from £POA



All new car protections include the following:

Full decontamination (Pre-wash, Shampoo,Tar removal and Fallout and clay bar treatment), followed by a single stage machine polish to enhance the finish, remove any light defects from dealership prep and prepares the surface ready for the coating. The chosen coating is the applied to the paintwork, we will remove your wheels and these are decontaminated and then we apply Feynlab wheel and caliper coating to your wheels and calipers. Whilst the wheels are off we will add protection to your arch lining to help stop dirt sticking.

It includes a full interior protection, so any fabrics and leather are treated using Feynlab coatings. All trims are protected using an anti static dressing, we do not use any silicone based dressings so we dont add Gloss, it will maintain that new look sheen and touch. All exterior Glass is polished and sealed and a durable rain repellent coating applied to the windscreen and any camera’s. All exterior trim is protected using Feynlab plastic and tyre’s dressed with a satin finish dressing (gloss available if you wish)

New car protections will take from 2-10 days depending on the coating and package chosen. The prices above are based on new cars under 3 months old with less than 2000 miles, we would require to view any vehicles over 3 months old as they may require further preparation and corrective work. 

The self heal coatings and PPF is available on used cars, but we would need to view the vehicle first to give an accurate quotation based on the level of correction needed prior to application. Please contact us for further information.


We find the self heal coatings really complement the protection film that we install, the most popular choice is to have most high impact front end areas with the film applied and then the coating on all other areas of paintwork. This will give you the Ultimate in new car protection detailing and be the best way to protect your pride and joy, in most cases your investment. If you choose to have the coating and PPF combination we can offer great discounts on the package.


SunTek Self Healing Surface Protection Film

Automotive paint surfaces have been ‘water based’ since 1996 to comply with environmental regulations. This makes them softer than ever before and more susceptible to the damage caused from flying stones, bird lime, insect debris and minor abrasions etc.

SunTek Paint Protection Film when fitted helps to minimise the damage, keeping that showroom look for longer and enhancing the resale value of the vehicle to the point that it can actually become an investment for the end user due to the higher resale value.


What is Surface Protection Film?

SunTek Self-Healing is an advanced film produced by a subsidiary of the well established industry-leading Eastman Chemical Company in the U.S,  it’s a dual-extruded urethane film coated with a self healing clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA).

The dual extrusion sees a stiffer urethane being combined with a more flexible urethane allowing for greater longevity whilst maintaining flexibility during application.

The film is specifically designed for the surface protection of painted, gel coated or other vulnerable surfaces improving functionality and allowing the visual appearance to be maintained for a long time.

SunTek differs to most other films on the market due to its fantastic self-healing properties. So the likes of swirls and wash marring will self-correct under direct sunlight, keeping your paintwork’s clarity and finish to a high standard!


This film needs specialist training and resources, an investment which has cost Perfect Polish thousands of pounds, but we see it as a very good investment as it offers top-level protection for all vehicle applications:

  1. Intense training courses at SunTek headquarters in London
  2. Professional plotting/cutting machines
  3. Specialist tools for application and a clean environment


We can compliment your Paint protection film application by coating the rest of your paintwork with a self healing coating from Feynlab, we are 1 of 3 approved applicators in the UK. The coatings come with a 3 to 5 year warranty. We have 3 levels of self heal coatings available from just £895. If purchased with one of our PPF kits we can offer a discount on the coating application. Please contact us for further information.



KITS… (we will require your vehicle details to confirm what kits are available)

Leading edge kit…..From £995 Fitted:

Full front bumper, ¼ bonnet and wings, wing mirrors, headlights and skirts


Extension kit….. From £1395 fitted:

Full front bumper, full bonnet & Wings, wing mirrors, headlights, side skirts, A-pillars and roof leading edge



  • Rear bumper load deck….£55
  • Headlights….£70
  • Rocker panel (side sills)….£195
  • A pillars, ¼ roof….£125
  • Splash kit (rear arch)….£100