Clean & Seal

Price  £175

Fabric convertible hoods also require as much protection as paintwork, if not more. If left untreated mould can start to grow causing the hood to discolour and eventually permanently stain the fabric. After a thorough deep clean using specialist citrus based cleaners we also use a biological cleaner to kill any mould spoors to prevent regrowth. The hood is then left to fully dry under infra red lighting.

Once fully dry we apply 3 coats of a specific fabric sealant to the hood to maximise protection.

Clean, Re-colour & Seal


Price  £250

If your convertible roof is showing signs of discolour, fading and staining from mould growth etc, then it will need to be re-coloured. We follow the same process as above with a deep clean, once fully dry we will apply 3 coats of the relevant fabric dye to re-colour the hood. This is then left to fully dry before applying the 3 coats of fabric sealant.

In some extreme cases your fabric roof can become beyond a full restore if it’s been affected by mould and grime over a length of time. But this will be fully discussed with you on viewing the vehicle