Interior Valet & Detailing

Interior Valeting:

Standard Mini Valet from £30

Our standard mini interior valet is ideal for those just after an interior freshen up, we vacuum the interior cabin, boot, carpets, mats and seats , we then clean and dust the interior panels and dress with an oem anti static dressing. To finish we clean the interior glass.

Full Interior Valet from £100

Our full interior valet will start with vacuuming the interior carpets, mats, seats and boot area. All interior surfaces are then deep cleaned using steam and high quality cleaning products specific for the surface we are cleaning. All seats are shampooed/Leather deep cleaned and conditioned, we also shampoo the floor mats. All interior glass is then cleaned and polished. Ozone odour treatment is carried out and a free hanging air freshener is left in the vehicle for you.

Interior Detail from £160

Our interior detail is for those looking for a deep clean in all the hard to reach areas, dash buttons, air vents, steering wheels, we fully deep clean the interior of you vehicle. By using a range of professional tools and equipment, cleaning products and steam so we can get your interior looking like new again.

Once we have deep cleaned all your interior surfaces, we will then start the treatments and protection stage, Any leather is conditioned and a coating applied, all your plastics are treated with a OEM looking anti static coating, carpets and mats are shampooed and then treated with a fabric protection. The interior glass is then cleaned and polished and a coating applied to help reduce fogging. We also carry out an ozone odour and air con cleaning treatment that will help kill any bacteria within your air con system whilst giving you a new car smell.



Discounts are given to any of the above services if added to any other valeting or detailing package.

*Prices are based on a small vehicle, add £5 for a medium, add £10 for a large and add £15 for 4×4/mpv. The price is based on an average dirty interior, excessive dirt or pet hair will incur an extra charge based on the condition. We ask you to remove all personal items from the car, if they are not we will clean around them. We can remove child seats but we will not re-install these, so it is best to remove these yourself prior to the service.