Prestige Full Valet

A full exterior and interior valet package

Price from £85 inc VAT

Our prestige full valet starts with a citrus pre-wash, snowfoam and 3 bucket method safe wash, any tar spots are removed and a fallout remover treatment to the body and wheels. The wheels get a deep clean including the barrels and wheel arches. All window rubbers, door shuts, fuel cap and grills are cleaned then fully rinsed with filtered water before fully dried with a plush microfibre towel.

We then apply a paint cleansing polish to the paintwork to restore colour and gloss, followed by a coat of durable wax or sealant (your choice) to add protection. All glass is polished and cleaned and a rain repellent applied to the windscreen. The interior panels are cleaned and dressed, all seats and matts are shampooed or/and leather cleaned and conditioned and an odour eliminator treatment if required. To finish it all off the tyres and trims are dressed and exhaust tips polished.

Discounts are given to multi car bookings and full in depth car care plans are available for regular services, please contact us for further information.