Seasonal Protection Valet

2 options available offering a 6 month & 12 month paintwork protection package

Price from £125 +VAT

  • 6 month protection valet:

This package is aimed at customers wanting to keep their vehicles protected through the winter or/and summer months. It will keep your vehicle protected against winters road salt and grime or summers UV rays. Using a durable paintwork sealant and wax  it will protect and maintain your paintwork for 6+ months, also making it easier to wash and maintain

We first start by carrying out our decontamination process that includes, citrus pre-wash, snowfoam, 3 bucket method safe wash, tar and fallout treatment to remove surface contamination on the paintwork. The wheels are cleaned inc the barrels and arch linings. We then wash the vehicle again with a final rinse of filtered water before pulling inside to dry with a plush microfibre towel and compressed air.

Once fully dried, we start to hand polish the paintwork using a micro abrasive polish to cleanse and restore gloss to the paint. We then apply a layer of polymer sealant followed by a coat of durable wax that will give you 6+ months of protection. The alloy wheels are protected with a wheel sealant and the arch linings protected to help prevent dirt sticking to them. All glass is cleaned and windscreen is sealed, trim and tyres dressed.

The interior is treated to our mini interior valet


Cars £125 +vat

4×4’s/MPV £150 +vat

This service takes around 4hrs to complete

Upgrade to our full interior detail at a reduced price of £50, engine bay clean & detail £50.


The second option is our Enhancement protection valet. This package adds a clay bar treatment followed by a light machine polishing stage using a micro abrasive gloss enhancing polish to achieve a high level of gloss (none correctional). We then apply Feynlab nano ceramic sealant to offer 12 months protection and a more durable alloy wheel coating.


Cars £175 +vat

4×4’s/MPV £225 +vat

This service takes around 6hrs to complete

Upgrade to our full interior detail at a reduced price of £50, engine bay clean & detail £50.


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