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FEYNLAB Ceramic ‘Lite’

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Ceramic Lite is the “original” and most proven paint protection system. It has been applied to over 60,000 cars (as of Dec. 2016) under various private labels. It is extremely durable, glossy and hydrophobic. It is also the easiest Ceramic coating to apply.

The chemistry used in FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Lite is very similar to the first Ceramic Coating to appear on the market nearly a decade ago (which we manufactured). The “Lite” distinguishment is due to the lower solids content; it is, however, a fully-fledged ceramic coating.

This is an excellent product for an anyone looking at experimenting with Ceramic Coatings on their vehicles, and due to the ease of application, can be done at home. It also sets a great standard for start-up detailers looking at entering the Ceramic paint protection market as the system is very easy to apply, and the opportunity for failure is very small. It is also very economical, and punches well above its weight as far as price is concerned.

The product lays down an ultra-slick, durable, glossy and extremely hydrophobic coating.

Our prices are so competitive because we design, formulate, and manufacture everything we sell in house. We private label nothing from other companies, and that is a fact that we are very proud of.

Due to the extreme added slickness of this coating it makes an excellent top coat for the other coatings in the FEYNLAB range.

*FEYNLAB™ Ceramic Lite is an improved version of the 2016 Ceramic.


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