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FEYNLAB Wash 250ml

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Polymeric cleaner that removes embedded grime from all vehicle surfaces, glass, paint, metal and plastic. Works almost like a liquid clay bar while leaving a noticeably glossy finish. Can be used as a general car cleaner (maintenance) or as the first step in preparation to compounding or polishing.

FEYNLAB™ WASH is a detergent free polymeric cleaner impregnated with Ceramic. It uses the same revolutionary water based Ceramic technology as in our Retail Products. It is exceptionally good at removing embedded dirt and grime, and can even remove paint transfer.

The impregnated ceramic forms a very thin layer on the surface, this layer builds up over time as more “Washes” are done. After approximately 10 washes a significant layer of Ceramic will be built on to the surface. This Ceramic layer is exceptionally strong, and highly protective. It bonds very well to Windows and imparts extreme hydrophobicity on the vehicle windows, much greater than some competitive products specifically marketed for window hydrophobicity.
The ceramic also creates a permanent extremely glossy surface, much greater than the temporary “Wash and Wax” shampoos.

FEYNLAB™ WASH is an excellent option for maintaining Ceramic Coatings as it “tops” up the Ceramic (if any gaps have formed from extreme weathering). The product is also an excellent option for stand alone treatments, or as a general valeting product.

Size; 250ml


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